How To Open A PayPal Account In Nigeria

Requirements for Opening a PayPal Account in Nigeria

1. Firstly, you will need a valid email address
2. Secondly, you would also need a Visa or MasterCard linked to a Nigerian bank account. This could be a credit or debit card. This is necessary for verifying your PayPal account. The service would debit a tiny amount from the card and once you confirm the transaction, the account would be fully Verified.
3. Finally, please note that as of December 2018, Interswitch’s Verve card does not work with the service.

PayPal Registration Interface

1. First thing you do is to go to
2. Then click on signup
3. Fill in your email address (doesn’t have to be Gmail or Yahoo. It could be
4. Afterwards, type in your password and make sure it is one you can remember
5. Go to the next page and type other details such as names, date of birth, address and phone number.
6. Also when filling in your address make sure that it matches the same address details you filled when you opened a bank account
7. It takes you to a page where you fill in your debit card details
8. Punch in your card nos, expiry date and the last 3 digits behind your debit card.
9. Then go to your email account and click on verify
10. Voila!! Your account is setup
11. Finally, test it by sending $10 to anyone or to your PayPal account abroad (if you have one)
12. You get debited in Naira and you should get an alert from your local bank

Using a Wallet
First Bank offers this option through their exclusive deal with PayPal. How does this work?

1. Firstly, log in to your internet banking account using your password and token
2. Then choose the “PayPal wallet” in the main tab and click “Create PayPal Wallet” on the drop-down menu
3. Afterwards, select which cards you wish to link to your PayPal account and which card will be the default card. Try using one card for easy reconciliation
4. Press the button on your online token and confirm accordingly
5. Create a password in the pop-up window that appears
6. Click on “Agree and create account”.
7. Finally, go to your registered email account with the bank which confirms that you have created a PayPal account

It is important to note that at the moment, you cannot receive payment from a Nigerian PayPal account, but there is a quick method I can show you

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