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romantic expert Jacqueline Hellyer explains why couples are having less sex than ever

Intimacy can often get lost in a long time of relationships.

And if sex should cease being on the agenda, Maybe it’s time to rethink about what you can do to rekindle your romance in the bedroom.

Sydney sexologist Jacqueline Hellyer has revealed why couples are having less sex than ever as she shared her tips to returning the spark in your relationship.

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If sex is no longer on the agenda, Maybe it’s time to rethink about your skill to rekindle your romance in the bedroom (original image)

The relationship expert who helps couples reconnect sexually said using phones in bed has become the biggest problem for couples.

‘Nearly every couple that come and see me, There’s an issue with devices in the bedroom,’ she toldSeven’s breakfast time programThe Morning Show.

‘There’s two difficulties, One it engages your brain in the wrong method. You desire to be winding down and just gently focusing.

‘Also, If you like to start making [url=]plentyoffish[/url] love, you have got to connect, you have to turn towards each other whereas our devices keeps us in our little solo bubble and there’s this huge breach between.’


One picture showing issue that’s wrong with travel in. From the ‘safest seat’ to the inescapable fact regarding turbulence: preliminary. Cheapskate bride blasted over plan to allow guests pay for. Why it is best to wake up before 6am: psychiatrists.

If couples are too exhausted to get steamy in bed after a long day,Jacqueline proposed having ‘lazy sex’.

‘People are saying they aren’t having sex because they do not have the energy. just have lazy sex, Have rather-simple sex, just have a nice cuddle plus,’ she claims.

Jacqueline said couples can take action to bring intimacy back to their bedroom by simply communicating about the lack of sex.

‘This is crucial because it apparently be that people are having less sex but better quality, Which is really what we want,’ she menti one d.

‘Having a great deal of dreary, Boring requirement, Not enjoying it kind of sex is not which is healthy. So if you are actually revealing it, likelihood is that, When your are performing it, natural environment.. is in fact what you both like.or,–

Sydney affectionate expert Jacqueline Hellyer (Pictured) Has revealed her tips for putting the spark back in your relationship and why you must never use your phone in bed

She said sex ought to be mutual between couples and not obligatory.

‘When we’re having quality intercourse, when i say quality, It just means something feels good for both of us, That we’re appreciating it,’ she reported.

‘You just shouldn’t have obligation like just do it to get it over and done with. You aim for the love making that makes you feel connected because that gets all the happy hormones flowing so you feel loved up.or,–

To reconnect sexually, Jacqueline advised busy couples must evaluate scheduling time together in the bedroom.

‘If you are looking for a good love life, it’s a must to set aside the time,’ she acknowledged.

‘You’ve got to get to the bedroom info on earlier, that devices down, Have a while conversing and see where it goes.’

Why people in their 60s are having more sex than the millennials courting expertLouanne Wardexplained the lost art of seduction, communicating and connect is throwing millennials into forced celibacy.

‘Millennials are opting out of the three date sex rule wanting more meaningful associations before jumping into bed,’ she assumed.

‘What millennials need are the skills and tools not being taught at school and by the creators of online dating services, Apps or discover artists,’ Louanne had said.


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